10 Best Horror Books that will not let you sleep

best horror books

Hello, intellectuals after exploring the movies section on my website CreativeJung it’s time to grab the Book reader’s attention towards the page. As my website tagline is dedicated to all about movies and books let’s get into the reader’s space, to begin with, I have chosen the best horror books as a reader you must read. But before that lot of us can have doubts that how can someone read a book of around 1000 pages without getting bored and losing interest

To clarify that I have a small explanation which I drove from my research and from a conversation which I had with readers. if we conduct a survey on movie watching 10 out of 10 we will get yes I love watching movies, each one of us like the different genre but on a whole everyone loves to watch movies either it is theatre or OTT doesn’t matter, this passion towards the movie started in the early 1930s before that those people were used to read novels and magazines story.

So reading books or novels was started and way back and it was our part of a routine. after the evolution of world cinema, the interest in reading books got diluted slowly but still, the authors and the publishers gathered fans for their unique writing and storytelling as years passed on slowly the younger generation got exposed to cinema and movie-watching in theatre which broke down the book reading from our routine.

The reason that movie gained quick attraction was because of its icing on visions and making. reading a story from a book is your imagination you have to imagine the lines you were reading but the cinema was up-gradation of book it was in the motion action format where you don’t have to imagine anything you have to seat in front of screen and maker will take you to their world and as a viewer,

He felt cinema was more interesting than reading a book and reading a book would take a minimum of a week but the same story of a particular novel or book can be understood and can be kept in mind as it was in video format. So as days passed on cinema evolved big and writers and readers were going down.

But during 1999 Australian MSc Institute surveyed on booking reading in their country they got a result in which 7 out of 10 were interested in reading books this was a boost for writers and publishers so a publishing company called “THE PUBLISHERS” felt reading books are still in practice but we have to produce quality in design and book style and they hired the best designer at their time and expanded their publishing company all around the world. This was a short story I managed to found in my research.

Coming to our major question does readers won’t get bored of reading 1000 pages? the answer is No majority of us love watching movies and web series aren’t we bored? we are still in search of the best movies or series to watch so it is the same for readers as well they love reading novels and books and this article is for those who love books and this article speaks about the best horror books.

I hope my above brief was helpful to some extent and I am not willing to take more time to submit my list of best horror books that you must read at least once.

Here is the list of the 10 best horror books that you must once.


Genre: Dark fantasy

Author: Neil Gaiman

Published year: 2002

Page count: 210

Available platform: Audible, kobo, audiobooks.com, Google play books

best horror books coraline


Synopsis:  Coraline is a dark fantasy but still, it takes place as the best horror book because of the writer Neil Gaiman he has presented the story in his unique style which involves a horror feel. The novella recounts the account of Coraline Jones, who discovers an entryway to an equal, vile otherworld inside her new home, and should fight the evil “Other Mother” who lives there to get her family’s wellbeing.

The reason for choosing this novel under best horror books is the narration of this story which I didn’t find in some of the most popular horror books. the ending to this novel is something that stands out when compared to other horror novels.


Genre: Supernatural horror

Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

Published year: 1884

Page count: 709

Available platform: Audible, kobo, audiobooks.com, Google play books


Synopsis: This is a documentary kind of novel made on a family who uniquely gets into trouble, the problem they will be facing is that their house is impossibly larger and huge from inside than outside. I never came across this kind of unique storyline in my life that’s the quality of this author.

Another interesting fact of this novel is that the pages they have printed are in different shapes and sizes with unusual page layout which indirectly conveys the plot of this novel the idea of having an unusual page layout is a masterstroke to present the novel according to me. And after all this, this has to be one of the best horror books which presented uniquely.


Genre: Sci-fi / Horror

Author: Jack Finney

Published year: 1993

Page count: 191

Available platform: Audible, kobo, audiobooks.com, Google play books

Synopsis: The body snatcher was presented as a short story. it was the first short story to come under best horror books which are noticeable.

The novel has characters based lawbreakers in the utilize of genuine specialist Robert Knox around the hour of the infamous Burke and Hare murders.

The plot begins with a merciless specialist and his young prize understudy wind up constantly irritated by their dangerous provider of illicit corpses. In Edinburgh in 1831, Dr. Wolfe MacFarlane runs a clinical school where Donald Fettes is an understudy. Fettes is keen on aiding a little youngster who has lost the utilization of her legs.

I can assure you this will scare you out and will be under the best horror books of all time.


Author: Stephen King

Published year: 1983

Page count: 373

Available platform: kobo, Google play books

Synopsis: Pet Sematary is a masterpiece by Stephen King, this novel will be under the best horror books of all time. For the first time, you will see pet dogs as a ghost/horror factor in this novel for the same reason later the novel was made as a movie in the year 2019.One of the best adaptations of a novel in recent times.

Pet Sematary has Dr. Louis Creed who, with his wife, Rachel relocates to a new house with their two young-aged children to rural Maine, from Boston but they both discover a mysterious burial space in a ground hidden deep in the woods beside their new home. what was that place for, what trouble does their shift to a new house bought them is the story of this horror book called pet Sematary.


Genre: fiction horror

Author: Shirley Jackson

Published year: 1959

Page count:267

Available platform: Audible, kobo, audiobooks.com

Synopsis: The Haunting of Hill House book follows four outsiders, every one of whom come to Hill House, since quite a while ago reputed to be spooky, under the direction of Dr. Montague, who is expecting to experimentally demonstrate the presence of the extraordinary. Throughout the mid-year, the house demonstrates itself to be incredibly spooky.

The success of this novel helped in the adaption of this novel and made into a series with a lot more twist and turns on the same name which is available on Netflix both as novel and series it was the best and considered as best horror books of all time.


Author: Ira Levin

Published year: 1967

Page count:488

Available platform: kobo, audiobooks.com, Google play books

Synopsis: Rosemary’s Baby is a  horror novel it was one of the best horror books in 1967 it was written by Ira Levin. it made a record of over 4million sold copies. The book fixates on Rosemary Woodhouse, a young lady who has quite recently moved into the Bramford, a memorable Gothic Revival-style New York City high rise, with her significant other, Guy, a striving entertainer.

What happened to them in their new city how did they resolve their issue is the storyline of this novel. The presentation and engagement were top-notch throughout the book. A must-read book under the category of best horror books.


Genre: Horror

Author: Robert Bloch

Published year: 1959

Page count: 185

Available platform: Audible, kobo, audiobooks.com, Google play books

Synopsis: Psycho is a 1959 awful novel by American author Robert Bloch. The epic recounts the narrative of Norman Bates, an overseer at a segregated inn who battles under his tyrannical mother and gets entangled in a progression of murders.

Because of its success, later another two parts were made on the name of the psycho-II and psycho house so undoubtedly this was one of the best horror books considering the demand for the sequel of this novel.


Genre: Horror

Author: Adam Nevill

Published year:2011

Page count: 432

Available platform: Kobo, Google play books

Synopsis: Four old college companions rejoin for a climbing trip in the Scandinavian wild of the Arctic Circle. No more, young fellows, they share minimal left practically speaking and pressures ascend as they battle to interface. Baffled and tired they pursue a faster route that transforms their climb into a horrible that could cost them their lives.

Lost, hungry, and encompassed by woods immaculate for centuries, they coincidentally find a detached old house. Inside, they track down the grim remaining parts of old ceremonies and agnostic penances; old antiques, and unidentifiable bones. A position of dull custom and home to a brutal presence that is as yet present in the antiquated woods, and now they’re the prey.

As the four companions battle toward salvation they find that passing doesn’t come simple among these antiquated trees


Genre: Horror

Author: Adam Nevill

Published year: 2010

Page count: 464

Available platform: Kobo, audiobooks.com, Google play books


Synopsis: A youthful American lady, Apryl, shows up at Barrington House. She’s been left a condo by her baffling Great Aunt Lillian who passed on in weird conditions. Reports guarantee Lillian was frantic.

In any case, her journal recommends she was involved in an awful and strange occasion many years prior. Under the section of best horror books, this will be a must-read because the story is interesting and the portrayal of each character is unique and amazing.


Genre: gothic -horror

Author: Anne rice

Published year: 1976

Page count: 342

Available platform: Audible, kobo, audiobooks.com, Google play books


Synopsis: In the late twentieth century, a vampire named Louis de Pointe du Lac recounts his biography to a youthful questioner in San Francisco. The pompous 25-year-old Louis possesses a ranch in 1791 close to New Orleans. Louis endures the unexpected passing of his strict more youthful sibling, Paul, and faults himself for Paul’s end.

I am not going to explain or describe anything just read this and feel the horror. According to me one of the best horror books which I read for this article to be made

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