Best Indian series

The Indian series is not one of the largest in the world, but it’s surely an important player. As more and more people are getting hooked on watching series, Indian OTT platforms are now responsible for some of the most-watched best Indian series.

Series are big in India – and this list is here to show you the best ones. From crime thrillers to family dramas, this list has got them all! So put your chips on the table and get ready to make your own picks from some of the best Indian series.

And If you are a fan of British web series  don’t worry I have got your attention as well here is the list of best British series on Amazon prime

So here is the list of the Top 10 best Indian series to watch.

Vella Raja

Genre: Drama-thriller

Imdb rating: 7.2

Number of seasons:1

Number of episodes:10

Image via: Amazon

Original language : Tamil

Languages available: Tamil, Hindi

Written By: Lokesh Kanagaraj, madonne ashwin

Director: Madonne ashwin

Cast: Bobby simha, Parvathy Nair, gayathri, Kaali venkat,YUthan balaji

Running time:22-30 minutes

OTT platform: Amazon Prime Video

Plot: The plot of Vella Raja centers around folks who get themselves into problems while staying in a lodge. The rest of the movie is around Deva’s attempts to save himself without being apprehended by the police and his rivals.

At first, the story and the making of the series are too crystal and clear initially it takes some time to establish the characters and their conflict in the series but once all the placements and establishment of the characters is done this series is a feast to watch and undoubtedly it is one of the best Indian series on amazon.

Lead Bobby Simha has done a wonderful job he holds the entire story on his back with his excellent screen presence. This show consists of Unique characters pulling out different characters is one of the specialties of the writer Lokesh Kanagaraj has gained many fans with his recent two films Kaithi and Master.

Another advantage is the Casting kudos to the casting producer every character has played their role sharply no unwanted dialogues, mass background music, and yes we must talk about the music composer Vishal Chandrashekar has done one of the finest performance and not overdue the Scenes with the Music.

Overall the series is a good entertainer with the minimum number of twists and turns at the end of every episode. I would strongly recommend you this series if you are a fan of mafia and drug-related series this one is for you guys and others can take it as good thriller series and note it down as the Best Indian series on Amazon prime so that it will be easy to recommend to your friends.

Paatal Lok


Imdb rating:7.8

Number of seasons:1

Number of episodes:9

Original language: Hindi

Languages available: Tamil, Telugu, Hindi

Directors: Avinash arun, Prosit roy

Cast: Jaideep ahlawat, neeraj kabi, gul panag

Running time:40-50 minutes

OTT platform:Amazon Prime

Plot: When four suspects are apprehended in the attempted assassination of a journalist, a down-and-out cop gets the case of a lifetime.

His search leads him to ‘Paatal Lok,’ and too disturbing revelations about the four suspects’ pasts.

I would surely say this is one of the best Indian series I watched recently in the genre of action and thriller. this show has got a huge story backdrop that keeps you engaging and at the edge of the seat.

The lead Jaideep ahlawat has performed very well usually we have used to see the policier officer as a well built gigantic officer but here the police officer has a little tummy and big mustache with some kind of funny face and surprisingly he has got family with two kinds .with all these still the series the engaging factor to the top level.

I think this series showed us the cops in whole different view thanks to the writers and Anushka Sharma for picking up this project as a producer. Talking about the other actors and technical side there is no much complaint about anyone or anything in this series. The characters are written well they have created the intensity and curiosity very well and mainly they have kept the audience to keep on guessing that is the success of this series.

Overall it is worth a watch so the right way login into amazon and enjoys this show to the reason behind calling it one of the best Indian series.

Inside Edge


Imdb rating:8

Number of seasons:2

Number of episodes:20

Original language: Hindi

Languages available: Tamil, Telugu,English

Director: Karan

Cast: Richa chadha, Vivek oberoi, angad bedi, tanuj virwani

Running time:45-55 minutes

OTT platform:Amazon Prime

Plot: In the power play league, the Mumbai Mavericks are in their sixth season. The early rounds are going well, but when the team acquired a new owner, the atmosphere in the locker room altered dramatically. Greed and celebrity take center stage. 

This series is quite amazing the uniqueness of this series is the real fact behind Cricket. after watching this you will get to be exposed to the real world behind cricket. The character arc is developed very well and you will able to find every character interesting. I would say this as best Indian series just for the character design

And the making of the series is fantastic the quality in creating the cricket match is just wow you will feel the real world of how the matches as been set out what’s the secret behind the toss, this series as revealed many secrets of some of the primary cricket leagues of India.

For this reason, initially, this show created a lot of controversies, and later somehow the makers of this best Indian series managed to overcome all the thrones and made it stream it on one of the biggest OTT Amazon prime.

This show has ticked all the emotions Love, Romance, thriller. and apart from all this, it has got a unique storyline and making.

And this is the first series of Amazon prime. Overall if you are a fan of cricket and want to the know behind the cricket then this show is for you. So without making any delay watch this best Indian series in the cricket genre.

The Forgotten Army


Imdb rating:8

Number of seasons:1

Number of episodes:5

Original language: Hindi

Languages available:tamil, telugu, marathi

Director: Kabir khan

Cast: Sunny kaushal, rohit choudary,sharvari wagh

Running time:42-60 minutes

OTT platform: Amazon prime  

Plot: The Forgotten Army is the best Indian series on patriotism which tells the extraordinary historical story of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s Indian National Army. Lieutenant Sodhi (Sunny Kaushal) and the army of men and women who journeyed to India to try to break free from the confines of the British Raj once and for all are featured in the series.


This is the Best Indian series that has been able to show a big portion of our warriors’ valor. Even though their contribution was forgotten, this action-packed thriller with bursting patriotism will make you cry.


The series has demonstrated how dedicated they were to our motherland until their dying breath.

If you have any negative feelings about India or its policies, please watch this wonderful goosebump series, which will make you proud and emotional. You’ll get chills from the flawless filmmaking and photographic direction.

It is, without a doubt, the filmmaker Kabir’s passion project.


If you’re a true patriot, you may at the very least help by viewing this series with teary eyes and honoring our finest Indian national army, which was founded by the superhero Dr. Subhash Chandra Bose, and remembering the forgotten army.


After watching this I felt as this is the best Indian series made on Patriotism, visuals making, creating the war scene, creating the weapons used at that period is just wow.


Never kiss your Best friend


Imdb rating:8

Number of seasons:1

Number of episodes:10

image via:zee5

Original language: Hindi/English

Director: Cast: Anya singh, nakuul Mehta, niki aneja walla,mohit hiranandani

Running time: 23-28 minutes

OTT platform: Zee5

Plot: Nakuul Mehta and Anya Singh play as best friends Sumer and Tanie in the film Never Kiss Your Best Friend, which is based on Sumrit Sahi’s book of the same name. After their strange encounter, the two become closest friends. The series centers around their bizarre relationship and its ups and downs. this series is a fresh breeze so I called this the best Indian series in recent watches.

It’s a cliché love story about a girl meeting a boy, becoming friends, and then falling in love in the end.

(Please accept my apologies for this “spoiler”)

Despite its over-the-top plot, I made it to the tenth episode because, when other dramas demand your undivided attention, Never Kiss Your Best Friend is easy on the heart and intellect, making it the ideal guilty pleasure.

You grow fond of Tanie and Sumer as you get to know them, partly because Nakuul and Anya bring them to life with their performances, and the writers have done a good job sketching out the characters.

Niki Aneja (Tanie’s mother) is excellent in the supporting role of an overprotective mother.

Never Kiss Your Best Friend is a tasty romantic drama and must consider this as the best Indian series on the romantic genre which has released in recent times that depicts friendship the way we’ve always envisioned it: living in our best friend’s neighborhood, going on double dates, studying at the same university, fighting like there’s no tomorrow, and yet returning to the same person.

Lakhon Mein Ek


Imdb rating:8.3

Number of seasons:2

Number of episodes:14

Original language: Hindi

Languages available:Tamil.Telugu

Director: Biswa kalian rath

Cast: Biswa kalian rath, alam khan, ritwik sahore,shweta tripathi

Running time:40-50minutes

OTT platform: Amazon prime

Plot: ‘Laakhon Mein Ek,’ by Biswa Kalyan Rath, is a disturbing story about an adolescent kid. The storyline revolves around a mediocre student named Akash (Ritvik Sahore) who is a teenager from Raipur. He has little talent for science, but his parents are pressuring him to attend IIT.

If you’ve ever wondered why Indians are so obsessed with IITs and other such institutions, you’re not alone. It’s a must-watch. The amount of pressure placed on pupils is troubling. 

This show got a huge buzz during its second season release but it doesn’t convey season was worst or could have done better it’s just season one was just a teaser for the action that was cooking for season two.

Season 2 is now available. This is a work of art. A plethora of thoughts and emotions flow throughout the novel, yet the system’s flaws leave a significant question unanswered. Who is to blame for this? It’s rare to see such a wonderful depiction of something! Watch this best Indian series on Amazon prime

This show reveals the amount of frustration of every student who is forced by their parents to get a seat in IIT.

The success of this show is measured in how many students and their parents felt this show has enjoyable and at the same time provoked to ask a question about our education system. This show is worth a watch and the best Indian series on our education system

Made in heaven


Imdb rating:8.3

Number of seasons:1

Number of episodes:9

Original language:Hindi

Languages available: English

Director: Zoya akthar

Cast: Sobhita dhulipala, arjun mathur, jim sarbh,shivani raghuvanshi

Running time:40-50 minutes

OTT platform:Amazon prime

Plot: Tara and Karan, wedding planners in Delhi, understand that India is a society in flux, with tradition colliding with modern individual expectations. They enter the life of a different bride and husband with each ceremony.

Tara and Karan’s weddings introduce them to the nuances of Indian life while also serving as mirrors to their actual selves: Tara, a woman from the wrong side of the tracks who married her way into high society, and Karan, a gay man living in a country where homosexuality is banned.

This is one of the most realistic and well-made shows you will ever so it has been on the list of best Indian series. The show is addictive and a roller-coaster ride.

Another Zoya masterpiece, the directors have done an incredible job of keeping the audience engaged throughout. It has also shed light on certain pressing issues in Indian society, including homosexuality, dowry, superstitions, a male-dominated environment, love, and friendships.

Everyone gave it their all, and there’s no disputing that the series was brilliant and unparalleled in its genre. It also demonstrates how significant the scraping of 377 articles is.

The ultimate goal of this series is to demonstrate that everyone, rich or poor, men or women, heterosexual or homosexual, puts on a show to appear socially acceptable, but when you scratch the surface and dig deeper, you’ll find that everyone is equal and the same.

Everyone, including those who made cameo appearances, performed admirably. In the end, You will feel clean and happy after you watch this best Indian series.

The next three series are close to my heart and I would say each series is the best Indian series to date. I have given the rankings on my interest, if given a chance I would rank all three as Number one but I am unable to do so if you haven’t watched the next three series till now I am sorry that say you are not an Indian series Fan.

So don’t miss to watch the next three series and you will know why I called it the best Indian series



Imdb rating:8.4

Number of seasons:2

Number of episodes:19

Original language: Hindi

Languages available:Tamil,telugu,Marathi,malayalam

Director: karan anshuman

Cast:Ali fazal, pankaj tripathi, divyenndu,rasika dugal

Running time:50-55 minutes

OTT platform:Amazon prime

Plot: In the lawless city of Mirzapur, a terrible incident during a wedding procession sets off a chain of events that entangles the lives of two families. He crosses paths with Ramakant Pandit, an upstanding lawyer, and his sons, Guddu and Bablu, during a wedding procession.

If you are a fan of watching Raw series full of bloodshed drama then this has to be on your watchlist of the best Indian series. I would not say much about this series just watch and enjoy.

This show has got huge fan followers and especially for Munna, Guddu Bhai’s. This show has got zero complaints for me and I hope you also feel the same once you finish watching it and this in your watchlist of best Indian series



Imdb rating:8

Number of seasons:2

Number of episodes:16

best indian series abhay poster

Image via: ZEE5

Original language: Hindi

Director: khen josh

Cast: Kunal khemu, sandeepa dhar, elnaaz noruzi,asha negi

Running time:38-49 minutes

OTT platform:Zee5

Plot: Officer Abhay Pratap Singh, an investigating officer with a criminal mind who will go to any extent to solve a case, stars in the series. well, what can I say about this series I was wondering for a long period Can a series be damn good that we can’t find even one mistake ??

And the answer to that question came from ZEE5 through the series called Abhay.

For the crime investigation fans, this series is a full meal to you guys because this show contains not one or two it has got a new case to solve in every episode in between this the writers have also collaborated the life of Abhay Singh in this cases I would say this series as a masterpiece in writing and screenplay. Undoubtedly this is one of the best Indian series in Crime investigation

The acting from Kunal is just wow his mannerism walking style his thinking capability is just wow and it looks so natural. So without any delay watch this best Indian series on Zee5 right now.

Have you seen any crime investigation case which has been solved in less than 12hour?? Watch this series of two seasons about how he managed to get the murderer within 12-hour.

Special OPS


Imdb rating:8.6

Number of seasons:1

Number of episodes:8

Image via:Hotstar

Original language: Hindi

Languages available:Tamil,telugu

Director: Neeraj pandey

Cast: kay kay menon, vinay pathak,karan tracker, vipul gupta

Running time:45-55 minutes

OTT platform:Disney+hotstar

Plot: I am not going to say even a one-word about this best Indian series called Special OPS if you want to witness magic on the screen and high intense action scenes watch this series.

I am not overdoing anything i am confident that you will also agree this one as the Best Indian series

Hope my article on the best Indian series to watch would help you to know the series that you may have not come accrosed and share this with your friends.

In the next article i will come with the next part of Best Indian series to watch.

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