Top 5 Best Web Series on Amazon prime[un-recognized]-June 2021

best web series on amazon prime

In the last blog, we have seen the best web series on amazon prime this is the continuation of the previous blog.

Here is the list of Top 5 Best web series on Amazon Prime

5. Catastrophe

Genre: Sitcom

Imdb rating:8.1

Number of seasons:4

Number of episodes:24

5 best web series on amazon prime

image via: amazon

Country of origin: United kingdom

Original language:English

Director: Ben taylor

Cast: Sharon horgan, rob delany

Running time:24-28 minutes

OTT platform: Amazon prime

Plot: Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney play single people who form a pair after she becomes pregnant unexpectedly after a flirtation while he is on a business trip to London.

This will be one of the best web series on amazon prime in the Sitcom [situation comedy] genre you watch. The content and the comedy they have produced are highly unbelievable. The relationship between  Rob and Sharon is mesmerizing.

This kind of sitcom works only when you have a strong backup in the script in which the catastrophe scriptwriters have shown some amazing writing skills. This is a reason this series is on the bucket list of best web series on amazon prime.

This show can be relatable for all the females out there especially for Moms to find the reason, watch this show on amazon. I can assure you one thing that you will enjoy this laugher riot.

Talking about the technical part the cinematography is really good and the set department was also pretty clean and clear in some scenes you won’t be able to that the difference between the set and real.

So I would strongly recommend you to watch this series as it has got the right tick in all the departments and that’s why it is the consideration of best web series on Amazon prime.

4. Good Omens

Genre: horror fiction /fantasy

Imdb rating:8.2

Number of seasons:1

Number of episodes:6

image via: vox

Country of origin: United kingdom

Original language: English

Director: Douglas Mackinnon

Cast: Michael sheen, David tennant, Daniel mays,sian brooke.

Running time:51-58 minutes

OTT platform: Amazon prime

Plot: The series features Crowley (David Tennant) and Aziraphale (Michael Sheen), longstanding friends who, having grown acclimated to life on Earth as representatives of Heaven and Hell, seek to prevent the Antichrist’s arrival and, with it, Armageddon, the final fight between Heaven and Hell.

It’s a true work of art. The acting, screenplay, soundtrack, and cinematography are all excellent. Ignorance, blind faith, gender stereotypes, and sexuality are all challenged in this magnificent pacifist poem. Because of all these points, I have included this one in the list of best web series on amazon prime.

It presents an unabashed viewpoint on good and evil, as well as their place in religion. Written for those who can’t stop themselves from pondering existential topics.

I would recommend reading the book if you haven’t already, whether before or after seeing the show because it isn’t fully accurate to the source material.

It adds a lot to the tale and expands the world differently.

Michael Sheen and David Tennant, on the other hand, have such connection and bring such life to their parts that you’d swear they’ve been (boy)friends for thousands of years.

My only criticism is that, in comparison to the protagonists, I thought several of the secondary characters to be less intriguing, and could have done without a couple of them.

Having music playing throughout the series by the queen was the icing on the cake for me . Check whether it was true or not by watching this best series on amazon prime.

3. Bosch

Genre: Drama

Imdb rating:8.4

Number of seasons:7

Number of episodes:60

image via: flickr

Country of origin: United states

Original language:English

Director: Michael connelly

Cast: Titus welliver, Jamie hector, amy Aquino, sarah clarke

Running time:40-70 minutes

OTT platform: Amazon prime

Plot: Brief summariesWhile on trial in federal court for the death of a serial killer, an LAPD homicide investigator seeks to investigate the death of a thirteen-year-old child. Harry Bosch is a brash Los Angeles homicide detective.

 While bringing forth the horrible stories of horrible murder and tragedies, the film is elegant, dignified, and intellectual.

The cast, from Titus Welliver (THE BOSCH) to the strange criminals and sycophants (Raynard Waits, played by Jason Gedrick, was the deadliest- full credit to the actor)

Above all, Bosch – who could only have been played by Titus Welliver – with his old school charm, lack of small chat, detective, father, husband, and, above all, son, any praise is only!

I adore the slow, smooth, and deft script that connects the dots across different cases and people in different series with unpredictable outcomes, the family ties – whether intact or broken, the vulnerability of cops and criminals, and above all, the humane nature of all the characters, including Edger (Jamie Hector) and Bosch himself.

Each series I devour with glee, making the wait for the next season even tougher!

The camera work, the locations, especially Bosch’s place, and the view – wow – there’s nothing greater to want for! I think it’s a fantastic package with a lot to offer. You also get boomed by watching this best web series on amazon prime right now.

2. The Marvelous Mrs. maisel

Genre: Comedy drama

Imdb rating:8.7

Number of seasons:3

Number of episodes:26

image via: amazon

Country of origin: United states

Original language:English

Director:Amy Sherman-palladino

Cast: Rachel brosnahan, Alex borstein, Michael zegen,marin hinkle

Running time:40-70minutes

OTT platform: Amazon Prime

Plot: In 1958, a housewife decides to pursue a career as a stand-up comedian. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a film set in 1950s Manhattan.

Midge is a period woman who is the cheerleading wife of a man who aspires to be a stand-up comedian, but her idyllic life is shattered when her husband leaves her for another woman.

It’s a lovely musical about a humorous and struggling-to-be-independent woman who doesn’t lose her femininity only to appeal to the males of her time but instead charms the audience with it.

This is what makes this program so distinct and exciting to me.

Because, unlike other sitcoms that portray women as stupid, obnoxious, or too preachy, she is pleasant and always answers realistically.

The plot is rather straightforward; it is not a thriller or a sophisticated story, but rather a straightforward but emotional story about a married woman. I assure you that you won’t find this as the best series on amazon prime until you connect with the character.

Each episode is amusing and enjoyable to watch, but the writing and character arcs are so intricately detailed that the show is incredibly absorbing.

If you want to learn how to understand women, you should watch this show which is under the category of best web series on amazon prime.

Women were not depicted as beauty objects in this presentation but as concepts.

The concept that piques your interest in women’s psychology and gets you curious about their objectives, needs, and wants.


Genre: Dark comedy

Imdb rating:8.7

Number of seasons:2

Number of episodes:12

image via: amazon

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Original language:English

Director: Harry bradbeer

Cast:Phoebe waller bridge, sian Clifford,Andrew scott

Running time:22-28minutes

OTT platform:Amazon Prime

Plot: As she navigates life and love in London while coping with tragedy, a dry-witted woman known only as Fleabag has no filter.

Fleabag maintains her swagger even though the angry, grief-stricken woman strives to heal while rejecting anybody who attempts to aid her. That’s why I have said this is the best web series on amazon prime.

Fleabag is a dark comedy, but it’s also anti-feminist, even though the protagonist and series’ writer is a woman.

The show is gloomy, but Phoebe Waller Bridge’s wit and clever humor keep it engaging and fascinating.

In both seasons, the characters introduced are well-written.

The story of Fleabag is not a thriller, but the interactions between characters on topics like loss, friendship, betrayal, infidelity, sex, and religion when it comes from unexpected places are quite profound and profound.

The setting of Fleabag in London shows that not only do people like James Bond drive around in his Aston Martin or Sherlock Holmes outsmart people all the time, but it also includes regular folks who are struggling to secure financing for their small restaurant or are distraught after a breakup.

Fleabag is one of the best in the dark comedy genre, and the short episode length makes it ideal for viewing because how many 50-minute shows can a poor man watch with all of his responsibilities?

I haven’t seen such a brilliant application of the “Breaking the Fourth Wall” concept in a long time.

Some scenes are particularly memorable and amusing.

If you have some spare time and want to watch something quick, you may watch the entire series of Fleabag in less than 4 hours.

This is my personal favorite too so do watch this best web series on amazon prime and enjoy the show.

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