Top 10 Best Malayalam Movies On Amazon Prime May [2021]

10 best malayalam movies on amazon prime

Speaking about the best Malayalam movies on Amazon prime let’s first get into the growth of Malayalam movies or the so called

“Molly wood Industry” .

 In the recent times Malayalam movies have put huge effort to provide quality content over the screen as a result they have gained a huge amount of respect and attention towards them.

I would say major turning points of the Malayalam movies or Kolly wood industries are “Premam” and “Dhrishyam”.

These two movies turned the table to them side until then I am not sure even the so called Malayalam movies legends stars presence where no matter outside Kerala.

So a huge shout out to those two movie directors “Alphonse Puthren” and “Jeethu Joseph” there was so perfect output from these directors.

The major reason why there is a sudden growth of Malayalam movies from the theatre release to direct OTT release because they grabbed the different story lines, they get down into the characters like a story of fishermen, a story of cycle vendor store and they presented the story beautifully.

They also made use of their fantastic nature, climate, sunset, rain, house, culture, religious belief etc…

All these factors helped them to give a high quality and content movies as a result Malayalam movies got into the peak and still it is peak

Let’s see the Best and high quality content movies in the Malayalam Movies in recent times.

Here is the list of Best Malayalam Movies on Amazon prime

We are not going to see the well known recent hits , I have made separate article for that

10. Driving License


IMDB rating:7.2

Duration:2hr 15 minutes

Released year:2019

best malayalam movies on amazon prime

image via : amazon

Director:Jean paul lal

Cast: Deepti sati, prithviraj sukumaran,suraj venharamoodu

OTT platform:Amazon prime

Plot: superstar hareendran is well known for his driving skills but unfortunately loses his driving license. However, the issue becomes huge after and goes out of control after he locks horn with a disciplined motor inspector who is a fan of the actor next what happens is the remaining plot of this comical drama because of this plot this is the best Malayalam movie available in amazon prime

I should this as a perfect blend or combination of all genre like comedy,thriller,mystery etc…

Screenplay is just wow you will enjoy laughing throughout the movie but the climax will make you cry that’s how power is writing in Malayalam movies in recent times.

Definitely this would be in the favourite list of best Malayalam movies on Amazon prime.

9. Isqh


IMDB rating:7.5

Duration:2hr 14 minutes

Released year:2019

Director: Anuraj manohar

Cast: Ann sheetal, shanenigam, Leona lishoy,shine tom chacko

OTT platform: Amazon prime

Plot: Vasudha and Sachi who are a young couple go on a road trip but in the mid of the trip they both get harassed mentally and physically by two men. however, this situation brings a test to their love and as a result, they both choose two different ways.

This movie starts with an unexpected twist at the beginning. As it proceeds further the series of events keep on coming which keeps the viewer engaging and grabs his attention to the max.

This movie is closely relevant and focuses on the incidents of moral policing and its after effects this is the movie for matured audience and for these reasons this Isqh is one of the best Malayalam movies on amazon prime.

Climax was unexpected.

8. Jallikattu


IMDB rating:7.5

Duration:1hr 30 minutes

Released year:2019

Director:Ligo jose pellissery

Cast:Santhy balachandran, antony Varghese,shoba singh

OTT platform:Amazon prime

Plot: Kalan Varkey, a butcher, faces a great difficult situation when a bison he should butcher goes off to some faraway place and causes disarray in a distant town.

At first, I would this movie will be a visual treat for your eyes right from the drone shot to the end close-up shot you will be mesmerized watching the cinematography.

At first, you will be wondering this thriller movie how could a Jallikattu based movie be a thriller yes you have to believe.

This movie has got a unique way of narrating you can’t decide this movie under any narrating genre of course if could you can but as a general, my opinion was like that, this is a combination of selfishness, ego, cruel, etc…

Finally this movie is a gem for Malayalam movies because of his writing making and acting.

Please do watch this best Malayalam movie on amazon prime.



IMDB rating:7.9

Duration:2hr 10 minutes

Released year:2019

Director:Khalid rahman

Cast:Mammootty, eswari rao, lukman, arjun ashokan

OTT platform:Amazon prime

Plot: A group of newly prepared cops from Kerala, drove by SI Manikandan, arrive at a Maoist-inclined territory, for political race obligation. Nonetheless, they should safeguard themselves from an assault without satisfactory ammo…

This movie is brilliant as it carries the essence of Kerala it speaks about the plight of administration this will be unique among all other Malayalam movies.

This will be a different cop story in the Malayalam movies as there are no unwanted dialogues and songs and no build-up shots no mass entries etc…Tom Chacko plays an antagonist acting was top-notch everything about this movie so clean I would not say as perfect but clean and sharp is the word from my side.

6. Joji

Genre: psychological thriller

IMDB rating:8

Duration:1hr 53min

Released year:2021

Director:Dileesh pothan

Cast:Fahad faasil, dileesh pothan,unimaya Prasad,baburaj

OTT platform:Amazon Prime

Plot: A youngest son of the rich family who is also an engineering dropout lives with his family and have desires to become a super wealthy.

He is fully driven by blind ambition and greed decides to executes his plans to conquer the wealth but a completely un expected events happens in the family.

Whether he succeeded with his plans? Did he conquer the wealth in the remaining plot? Fahad faasil is a gift to Malayalam movies because of his acting skills.

According to me this will be the one of the best Malayalam movies on Amazon prime under psychological thriller as this movie holds the grip and suspense till the last frame of the movie.

The acting and cinematography are just wow in this movie as there is a versatile actor called Fahad faasil so there are no many complaints about this movie so get set and go watch this best Malayalam movie on Amazon prime.



IMDB rating:8.1

Duration:2hr 18minutes

Released year:2018

image via: amazon

Director: M.Padmakumar 

Cast:Joju George,madhuri Braganza,athimya, malavika menon

OTT platform: Amazon Prime

Plot: A retired police officer who is well known for his crime investigations process resigns the job after his wife passes away after someday he gets trapped into organ harvesting criminal case.

Did he manage to come out of that case is the remaining plot of the movie. I guess no mainstream actor could play this role because a role called Joseph is completely alcoholic and chain smoker and a loser in martial life Joju George has nailed this character.

This movie first involves us with the journey of Joseph, as a result, this movie will be slow and need some patience as a viewer so once you pass that initial 1hr this movie will be a treat to watch all the departments in this movie is brilliant. So please watch this best Malayalam movie on Amazon prime with your family so there is no nudity or blood shaded in the movie

4.Android Kunjappan versrion 5.25


IMDB rating:8.2

Duration:2hr 20 minutes

Released year:2019

image via: amazon

Director:Ratheesh balakrishnan

Cast:Kendy zirdo, suraj vejaramoodu, soubin shahir, megha mathew

OTT platform:Amazon prime

Plot: At the point when a moderate resident’s child needs to move out of the family home because of work, their relationship gets a charming turn when an AI humanoid enters their lives and fills the new void in their lives.

There are hardly very few slow paced movies you get hooked right from the start and this movie is one of that, only because of this reason I would say this as the best Malayalam movies available on Amazon prime.

Even though this movie is fictional but is rightly indicates the mirror of our life and is beautifully captured by cinematographer ,this movie is loaded with lessons of life more than all there is different kind of black comedy in this movie so you can watch this

3. Kumbalangi Nights


IMDB rating:8.6

Duration:2hr 15 minutes

Released year:2019

Director: Madhu C narayanan

Cast:Shane nigam,soubin shahir,anna ben nayarambalam

OTT platform:Amazon prime

Plot: Four siblings share an adoration disdain relationship with one another. Their relationship advances to another level when Saji, Boney, and Franky choose to help Bobby remain by his adoration.

This movie can be considered under different category as it has comedy, thriller, love, crime, inferior complexed character etc..

This movies speaks about the character who stays beside the lake where his only work is to catching fishes and during this he falls in love with the lead sister and the lead is Fahad Faasil who is suffering from inferior complex

Under the mentioned circumstances this movie can be the best Malayalam movies on amazon if you haven’t watch this movie please kindly watch the movie on prime.

2. The Great Indian Kitchen


IMDB rating:8.3

Duration:1hr 40 minutes

Released year:2021

Director:Jeo Baby

Cast:Nimisha sajayan, suraj venharamoodu, sidartha siva, T suresh babu

OTT platform:Amazon Prime

Plot :After marriage, a lady battles to be the agreeable spouse that her better half and his family anticipate that she should be. The story follows her excursion, as she changes herself and, much more along these lines, changes the family.

The great Indian kitchen is a relatable drama to every Indian household.

This movie is all about the routine problems where each and every housewife have faced well this movie is a definite solution for all that problems that is the reason why I would recommend this best Malayalam movie which is on Amazon Prime.

You will enjoy the visual and acoustic detailing of Kerala cuisine and so warming this movie is a great motivation to all the housewives out there and this movie is definitely for you and there are fewer best Malayalam movies on amazon prime under this category.



IMDB rating:9

Duration:2hr 28minutes

Released year:2018

image via: amazon


Cast:Mammootty, Anjali,Vadivukkarsi,Aruldoss,livingston

OTT platform: Amazon prime  

Plot: Amudhavan is sad after his significant other relinquishes him and their kid, who has cerebral paralysis. He battles to deal with his girl while society continually dismisses him.

I would not brief about this more but I would say one thing I haven’t seen this much of hard hitting emotional drama in the recent times.

You will be filled with emotions and your soul feels happy so please enjoy these best Malayalam movies on Amazon prime please don’t miss this movie.

So above mentioned are the 10 best Malayalam movies on Amazon Prime to watch and enjoy and if you liked this article share it with your friends.

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