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Hello readers today I have come with the best series to watch part-II

Before that I would like to brief you about the term called series and how some series are called as best series, must series etc…

Series is nothing but a extended version of Movie. There are so many creators in all the fields, but there is some kind of an advantage with the movie creator and movie artists know why??

Because while watching the movie we assume that the performing characters as our close ones and we travel parallel to the character we watch, the credits to this goes to the actor and creator behind those performance.

As a creator he feels that because of some restrictions the plot/story which he took and decided to present in front of audience had to be cut down to the minimal movie running time.

Then comes the Idea called series where the creator can take his own time to establish his favourite character as there are no time restrictions.

But initially there was mixed response from the audience but later on the audiences got used to it and as a result many series TV serials came up

And let’s come to the best series part every series is made with the intention of that their series as to be best in the business and as to reach many people

But not all the series are considered as best series due to some poor script, undisciplined cinematography, and unprofessional performance by actors.

So if the series as to be considered as best series the above written points have to be taken

Now I will name some of the series which are considered by audience as best series

Let’s get into today’s topic

Here is the Top 5 Best Series to watch

 5. The Blacklist

Genre: Crime drama/thriller/mystery

Imdb rating:8

Number of seasons:7

Number of episodes:168

Country of origin: United States

Original language: English

Best series black list

image via: flickr

Director: Jon Bokenkamp

Cast: James Spader,megan boone,diego klattenhoff,ryan eggold

Running time:40-45 minutes

OTT platform:Netflix

Plot: In the event that being a global wrongdoing ruler with an endearing personality is Raymond Reddington’s first life on The Blacklist,

And being a highly confidential witness for a highly confidential FBI team is his subsequent life, at that point being an unassuming community Lothario who sucks at the scaffold is his third life.

This show is amazing it keeps you on the edge of the seat as there is a package of twists and turns which the makers have maintained till the last episode. It may be the reason that it has been under the best series category

The Blacklist is an American wrongdoing spine chiller TV arrangement that debuted on NBC on September 23, 2013. Naval official turned high-profile criminal who deliberately gives up to the FBI after evading catch for quite a long time.

 You would love the performance of all the characters in the series especially the performance of James Spader is just one word wow. he is performed so seamlessly and effortless, with his trademark characteristics like slow walk and but with more powerful words that conveys the entire scene in a word.

Initially, you may find the plot confusing and irritating but I guess the best series would have been made in this kind of format. In the end, you would consider this as the best cop shows that you watched.

The reason why this has called the best series is that it is all like emotions, action, mystery, love and comedy .so it is a completely packed series.

So without any second thought and hesitation straightway login into Netflix and watch this mindblowing series and also know the reason why this is considered as the best series to watch.

4. Witcher

Genre:fantasy,action adventure

Imdb rating:8.2

Number of seasons:1

Number of episodes: 8

Country of origin: United states

Original language: English

image via: flickr

Director: Lauren Schmidt hissrich

Cast: henry cavil,freya allan, eamon farren, anya chalotra, joey batey

Running time:47-60 mintues

OTT platform:Netflix

Plot: At first, I can say that this is one of the best adaptions of the game /book as a reason this series has become one of the best series that everyone should watch.

The Witcher follows the account of Geralt of Rivia, a single beast tracker, who battles to discover his place in reality as we know it where individuals frequently demonstrate more fiendish than beasts and monsters. … Geralt of Rivia is a witcher, a freak with uncommon forces who slaughters beasts for cash.

The reason why Witcher is called as best series to watch is, the  Detailing in the screenplay and the kingdom set which they have constructed is just like the word fantabulous.

The show runs so smoothly and seamlessly that as an audience you will get into their routine and story without making any effort or getting tensed that you have remembered the characters.

It is too early to decide that they don’t have any extended characters in the upcoming seasons.

But yes there are few characters in season one so that you can watch this series with less worry of remembering the characters.

The screenplay of this series was brilliant because narrating this was tricky as it has a lot of untied knots you have to create a knot and should understand which makes this as best series to watch.

Be prepared to watch show breathtaking shots and visuals right from the mountains and some raw bloodshed fighting scenes

There are some nudity and romantic scenes as well but personally, I felt that there was some forced nudity that was not required to some extent.

But anyway the American thriller series is filled with nudity and sex scenes so it’s okay to go with the flow.

They have also tried to make it as a reverse screenplay so any fans who want to watch a series with reverse order then this is for you guys and also the beauty is that while watching they will be lots of confusion but they made cleared each and every confusion at the end of season thas was the beauty for me which also makes this series as best series to watch.

So if you are a fan of witcher game and book then this is for you and if you are  a fan of series and this is also for you I am sure that you guys will feel happy and satisfied at the end

3. Euphoria

Genre: Teen drama,crime

Imdb rating:8.4

Number of seasons:1

Number of episodes:10

Country of origin:United kingdom

Original language:English

image via: hbo max

Director: Augustine frizzell

Cast: Zendaya maude, apatow, angus cloud, eric dane,Jacob elordi

Running time:48-60 minutes

OTT platform:Hotstar

Plot: Many of us would think that Hotstar doesn’t have good quality and content-oriented web series but the majority of us wouldn’t have come across the series called euphoria.

Growing up, seventeen-year-old Rue Bennett battled with numerous psychological problems, which eventually prompted her dependence on drugs. In the present, Rue gets back from recovery and promptly purchases drugs from her companion and street pharmacist Fezco

Euphoria the reason behind calling this as best series is because of the performance of the artists and the plot of the series, from beginning to the end, from the title to the end credits each and every minute thing in this series is just wow wow wow…

The shows like 13 reasons why spoke about sexual abuse and depressions of the school kids, euphoria talks about even abusing could push you to the depression which leads to suicide as well this part of the show made me include this series as in the list of best series.

The main core message to the audience is don’t judge anyone that’s their life and there is no point of judging their life or no use of abusing them just because their lifestyle or habit is unliked by you.

The added advantage to this series is the background music which makes you feel that you are present in that particular scene you are watching.

So in all the aspects, this show deserves more views and rating so please watch this show and then you will come to know that why I considered this as the best series that you must watch


Genre:Historical fantasy/action

Imdb rating:8.5

Number of seasons:6

Number of episodes:89

Country of origin: Canada

Original language:English

Director:Michael hirst

Cast: Travis fimmel,katheryan winnick,clive standen, jessalyn gilsig

Running time:45-50 minutes

OTT platform: Netflix

Plot: I bet you that you will become a Vikings fan once you complete watching all seasons and this show will be added to your watchlist of best series to watch.

Vikings transport us to the ruthless and baffling universe of Ragnar Lothbrok, a Viking hero and rancher who longs to investigate – and strike – the inaccessible shores across the sea. … The arrangement tells the adventure of Ragnar’s band of Viking siblings and his family as he ascends to become King of the Viking clans.

Right from the character establishment, the performance of the artists, the set construction, cinematography, action scenes while I say the word action I can feel that Bgm still in my ear.

And those who have already watched the series can imagine how the actions scenes were choreographed in this, I think there are already enough reasons which suggest to you that why I am saying this is the best series to watch.

As this is a series that takes place in the historical background so definitely need some patience to get into or getting used to their routine.

But I would not say this one as the slow-paced series once you complete the first season the remaining season takes off at rapid speed.

while thinking of the characters everyone have nailed their roles and you will become a fan of all the characters that’s how the way you write the character and to make fall in love with that character.

Talking about the nudity and the sex scenes yes it has got plenty of spicy hot scenes and nudity and hardcore action blocks as well so if you are a fan of these kinds of stuff this series is for you

So in the end, you will be satisfied that you have come across watching the best series in the historical background

1.Breaking Bad

Genre:crime/black comedy/thriller

Imdb rating:9.4

Number of seasons:5

Number of episodes:62

Country of origin:United states

Original language:English,spanish

image via: flickr

Director:Vince gilligan

Cast: bryan Cranston,anna gunn, aaron paul,dean norris

Running time:43-60 minutes

OTT platform:Netflix

Plot: Well what can I say about this masterpiece from Vince Gilligan

This show has already ranked top in the IMDB rating do you need still more reasons to watch this??

The show has got everything for a series fan that’s the reason why this is ranked top and have been called this The Best Series.

This show is a complete package of drama, comedy, fight, revenge, love, romance,  sex, violence, action, betrayal, family drama, etc…

The lead called Walter white is a chemical subject professor in a high school and as a part-timer, he works as a car mechanic all this is for his family and for his children.

On one fine day, he came to know that he is suffering from cancer and has less chance of living long so he decides to make money and give to the family before he dies so he gets into the production of weed he earned a lot by that business but at the same time, he gained a huge number of enemies so what happened to his life did he helped his family or he died by cancer is the remaining plot of this the best series rated in the international movie database.

After watching this you will get addicted to this genre and Walter white and also called Heisenberg and there is also a character called Jessi Pinkman his partner in the weed producing business.

Talkin about the pace of the series is a bit slow you have to be extremely patient to watch the first season once you cleared the first I am sure you would love watching this best series called Breaking Bad.

So don’t waste your time if you haven’t watched this series yet

and those who have watched this series share this post with your friends and ask them to witness this best series ever made till date.

Hope you all found this article interesting and you must have across many series but if you haven’t watched the series which I have suggested I am sorry to say you have missed the best series in the business.

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