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As we all know that whole world is severely suffering from the corona pandemic as a result we all are pushed to be in Isolated situation as lockdown is imposed in certain states in India

So to entertain you in this situation I have come up with the best series to watch in Netflix and Amazon

Before we get into the list, from the bottom of my heart I wish each and everyone to be safe and get vaccinated as soon as possible

Here is a list of the Best Series to Watch in this pandemic.

5. Little things


Imdb rating:8.3

Released year:2016

Number of Seasons:3

Number of episodes:21

Country of origin:India

Original language:English

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Directors: Ajay bhuyan, ruchir arun

Cast: Dhruv sehgal, mithila palkar, navni parihar,aman bhagat, rishi deshpande

Running time: 15minutes[season 1] 22minutes[season 2] 25-40 minutes[season 3]

OTT platform: Netflix

Plot: Little things are the story between the two characters Dhruv and Kavya Kulkarni.

The story revolves around two characters who are in a live-in relationship in Mumbai. the series goes on with their daily life activities and their exploration in the love

the language used here is English you will find an almost complete series in the English language very few sentences were used in Hindi that too in slang language.

It is the conflict between them, it’s a mixture of love, romance, fight, ego, a drama etc..which makes this series worth watch and the best series to watch.

This kind of feel-good series is rare to find nowadays. that might be the reason why it is on the list of best series to watch.

because this story connects with you and travels with you and it relates with every common men and woman who are in their teenage.

This is such a feel-good show because of the way this story has been narrated the small wonderful and not so wonderful things in a relationship

Another best part of this series is you won’t find any stereotypical romantic scenes with the characters Dhruv and kavya.

There is a romance between them but in a completely different way which makes you fall in love with that characters and this can be another reason why this has been in the best series to watch list.

Speaking about the cast each and everyone has nailed their roles which proves that no one apart from those artists has performed those respective roles beautifully.

So what are you waiting for go to Netflix open the search bar and type little things and watch this series and I am damn sure you guys will love watching this and also you will suggest this series to your friends as the best series to watch.

4. Last Kingdom

Adapted from: The Saxon stories

Genre: History/historical drama

Imdb rating:8.4

Released year:2015

Number of Seasons:4

Number of episodes:36

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Original language: English

the best series to eatch

image via: Netflix

Directors: erik leijonborg, Andy hay

Cast: Alexander dreymon,Emily cox,mark Rowley,tabias santelman , simon kunz

Running time: 50 minutes

OTT platform: Netflix

Plot: Synopses. As Alfred the Great safeguards his realm from Norse intruders, Uhtred – conceived a Saxon yet raised by Vikings – tries to guarantee his tribal inheritance. …

Against this fierce setting lives our saint, Uhtred. Conceived the child of a Saxon aristocrat, he is caught by the Danes and raised as one of their own.

I can say that the series last kingdom is nothing short of terrific, magnificent, huge, and fantabulous work.

Any Game of thrones are worried about the end of that please right away get into this series the reason why I am saying this is the best series to watch is because of its production value and making.

everything about this is great. great casting, great making, great cinematography you will right away get into their lifestyle their routines, as this story has been set into the middle ages of the 9th century.

The storyline holds the grip of every aspect like loyalty, love, courage, brotherhood, sacrifice, betrayal, anger, revenge, lust etc…

My suggestion to you watch the initial episodes may be the first and second episodes of season 1 after that you will be addicted to the narration and performance of the cast.

I need to talk about the war and action scenes for action lovers the action scenes in this is in the next level to talk about the graphics, as well as the action choreography, are ultimate therefore it will be icing on the cake to the action lovers.

so on a whole, this will be the perfect historical/action drama series you will watch and I am also sure this series will be on your favourite list of best series to watch.

3. Ozark

Genre: Crime-Drama/thriller

Imdb rating:8.4

Released year:2017

Number of Seasons:3

Number of episodes:30

Country of origin:United states

Original language: English

image via: netflix

Directors: Bill Dubuque, Mark williams

Cast:Jason bateman, laura linney, sofia hublitz, Julia garner, lisa emery

Running time: 52-55minutes

OTT platform: Netflix

Plot: I would say Ozark has a similar storyline to breaking bad but not up to the mark but it slightly touches the Breaking bad series. but still, I will recommend this as the best series to watch.

This series takes some time to get in as it slowly drags you to in their world but once you get in there is no way of stoping this series as the screenplay travels at rapid speed and the scenes and performance of the cast are also well supported to the story.

So anyone who decides to watch after reading this keep that in mind

It’s dark, gritty, slow burn and you need to have some patience

Every character and their performance are deeply rooted and this point says why Ozark is on the list of best series to watch.

The key factors of this series are well written, and it’s not easy to predict. which makes this one as best series to watch

Well talking about the cinematography gives you a fresh feel and the new perspective angle especially they have taken a lot of effort not to repeat the camera positions and angles, their effort clearly visible on the screen.

Overall, it is worth watching only when you watch the first season with minimal patient effort. so enjoy this series right away on the Netflix platform. and know why this series is under the category of best series to watch.

2.Mind Hunter

Based on: Mind hunter inside the FBI’s elite serial crime unit

Genre: crime-drama/psychological thriller

Imdb rating:8.6

Released year:2017

Number of Seasons:2

Number of episodes:19

Country of origin: united states

Original language:English

Directors: Joe penhall

Cast: Jonathan Groff, holt McCallany, Hannah cross,cotter smith, anna torv

Running time: 40-55 minutes

OTT platform: Netflix

Plot : Mindhunter rotates around FBI specialists Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany), alongside analyst Wendy Carr (Anna Torv), who work the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit inside the Training Division at the FBI Academy.

Mindhunter rotates around FBI specialists Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany), alongside analyst Wendy Carr (Anna Torv), who work the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit inside the Training office at the FBI Academy.

 At first, let me say that this is a masterpiece series from Netflix,

It’s dark, thought-provoking full of complex characters and plots.

This series is somewhat of an unusual crime series but it is well written and well shot in a convincing way that you can’t question any scene in the series. As a reason, it has been nominated by the audience and reviewers as the best series to watch.

All the episodes are produced the same interest and you cannot take your eyes off the screen

Yes, I agree that initially, the screenplay is slow and draggy but according to me, it needs some time to set the screen for the blast at later episodes.

It also deals with the psychological of each and everyone who is watching and asks you question about the society you are in.

And one thing that blew my head is that how they cast the serial killers they are damn real and you will be hurt so much from watching their crimes.

And also the detailing is very important as this story has been set into the early 90’s .right from the camera, dress, and hairstyle they have been dedicatedly worked in this zone to bring the screen to reality.

All these aspects make this series worth watch and after watching this you will get to why this has been on the list of best series to watch.

1.Black Mirror


Imdb rating:8.8

Released year:2011

Number of Seasons:5

Number of episodes:22

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Original language:English

best series to watch black mirror

image via: netflix

Directors: Charlie brooker

Cast: Bryce Dallas howard, cristin milioti,Daniel kaluuya,wyatt rusell,Hayley atwell

Running time: 50-80mins

OTT platform: Netflix

Plot : Black Mirror is a British tragic sci-fi compilation TV arrangement made by Charlie Brooker. Charlie and Annabel Jones are the showrunners. It inspects present-day culture, especially concerning the unforeseen outcomes of new advancements.

Black mirror there are no words to explain about this series .this series can be concluded under various genre like Dystopia, satire, anthology, thriller, drama, black comedy.

I think this might be the only season with a different kind of genre.

and this may be the reason why this series has been considered as best series to watch.

This series explains to us the fear of technology and how it can be dangerous in near future well. Even though this show was telecasted in the year 2011 at that time only the creator has well predicted the technological future.

once you start watching you will quickly get attached to the characters as well as the story it sets up quickly and doesn’t take time to get into the mood.

So in screenplay wise this series is beast and also the performance and  sketch of each and every character is absolutely mindblowing

And the ending to each season will be perfect .may be that’s the reason why everyone suggested this as the best series to watch.

I think they have consciously kept the number of episodes per season to minimal so that the viewers should not distract from the core subject/concept of the series.

So please watch this beautiful and interesting series before the next season arrives.

That’s it for the today’s blog of best series to watch ,hope all of you enjoyed and will be interested to watch it.

As I mentioned earlier please be safe everyone please stay home and let’s fight against Corona and let us also be free as the USA and like this post and I will come up with the next set of best series to watch

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