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World’s first movie ever movie came in the year 1888 it was a surviving motion picture and it was 2.11 seconds long after the evolution movies began the movies took a path in various genre like action, comedy, romance thriller movies.

And the audience also was got used to seeing these movies and as I said movies have taken revolution over the years as a result then came to the genre called psychological thriller movies.

A psychological thriller is nothing but an extended version of thriller movie.

A movie that is to describe books and movies which deals with psychological but the narrative will be in a thriller genre these kind movies are called as psychological thriller movies.

Enough of explanation let’s get into topic

Here is the list of 10 best psychological thriller movies

10. One hour photo

Imdb rating:6.8

Genre: psychological thriller

Duration:1hr 38min

psychological thriller movie

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Director: Mark romanek

Cast: Robin Williams,connie nielson,Michael vartan,gary cole

Released year:2002

Plot: The male lead stays individually in a house and works as a lab technician in a company called a one-hour photo edit lab.

He is very perfectionist about his works and is more desirable to get new customers for his lab, which includes a typical family which is headed by will Yorkin.

The lead has seen this family over the years and has witnessed a growth of that family through their photographs, as the story goes peacefully one day he witnesses the unfaithful of Yorkin. what happened after the lead find out this is the remaining plot of this psychological thriller movie one hour photo.

9. The Perfection


Imdb rating:6.1

Duration: 1hr 30min

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Director: Richard shepard

Cast: Allison Williams,logan browning,steven weber,alaina huffman

Released year:2018

OTT platform:Netflix

Plot: There are two female leads in this psychological thriller, these two leads are the students who have been passed out from the musical school called “Back-off” at different years they have no contact or introduction between them and at the same time they both have been mastered in playing the particular musical instrument.

After passing out from the school one fine day these two leads coincidentally meet at one musical competition where they have been called as judges from where the story takeoff after this meetup what happened ? what are the problems that meet up bought to them? is the remaining plot of the movie

8. killing words

Genre: psychological thriller

Imdb rating:7.1

Duration:1hr 29min

Director: laura mana

Cast: goya Toledo, Dario grandineti,eric bonicatto,Fernando guilien

Released year:2003

Plot: Laura (Goya Toledo), a therapist, awakens bound and choked in a storm cellar and finds she’s being held prisoner by her ex, theory teacher Ramon (Darío Grandinetti) – who discloses to her he has executed 18 individuals as of now. Ramon begins a word affiliation game with Laura, with dangerous stakes on the off chance that she neglects to keep up,

however, is captured before he can wrap up. Cops Espinosa (Fernando Guillén) and Sanchez (Eric Bonicatto) question Ramon, who demands he has no clue about where Laura Is.this plot makes this movie to be an engaging psychological thriller


Genre: psychological thriller

Imdb rating:6.5

Duration:1hr 35min

image via: movietickets

Director: Carlo Mirabella-Davis

Cast: haley Bennett,Austin stowell,Elizabeth marvel

Released year:2020

Plot: swallow stars Haley Bennett as newly pregnant women named hunter. she is recently married into a family that’s extremely rich that she no longer has to work and her husband, as well as his parents, are extremely critical of just about everything she does and they don’t let her choose what she likes she is very much out of control of her own life and that’s about when she decides to swallow a marble

yes you read write because of these things happening to her she swallows the marble which is in front of her this is her first step later on she keeps on swallowing the different things which you can’t even imagine those kinds of things this movie does not come under the movie category called a psychological thriller

but still you will be irritated by watching this movie so if you are a kind-hearted and you are not a big fan of a weird and psychological thriller then it’s not your piece of cake

6.Mind scape


Imdb rating:6.5

Duration:1hr 39min

Director: jeorge dorado

Cast: taissa farmiga,mark strong,brian cox,indira varma

Released year:2014

OTT platform:netflix

Plot: the The lead[JOHN] works as a memory detective in the crime branch you can call him a hypnotiser and travels to that particular moment and watches that scene lively so the criminal cannot tell any lies regarding the incident.

At one point an interesting case comes to him that a girl from northern America keeps on eating vitamin tablets for the past one week as she is showing zero interest in eating the food so he visits that girl house and starts speaking to her and tries hypnotizing her but during this process,

he comes to know strange things whats those things and why that girl is eating  only vitamin tablets and later how this case takes his way is the remaining plot of this psychological thriller

5. Fractured

Genre: psychological thriller

Imdb rating:6.4

Duration:1hr 40 min

Director: brad anderson

Cast: sam Worthington,lily rabe,Stephen tobolowsky

Released year:2019

OTT platform:netflix

Plot: After watching this psychological thriller movie fractured you are probably gonna take a second guess taking your family to an unknown hospital.

The lead takes his family to a hospital as her daughter suffers from a fall after they checked into the hospital and her daughter had been taken to treatment this time the lead waits outside the ward and keeps on waiting for the doctor/nurse replies after waiting from the long time he gets up watches the ward

Then he finds there is no one in the treatment ward then he asks the receptionist then the reply for her shutters the lead her replay was there was zero proof of him that he was in that hospital with her daughter or with his wife ..

As he losing his mind who’s statement is true to find out watch this extremely psychological thriller fractured…



Imdb rating:6.9

Duration:1hr 41min

Director: danny boyle

Cast: Rosario dawson, james mcavoy,Vincent cassel

Released year:2013

Plot: Simon (James McAvoy), an artistic work barker, joins a group of hoodlums drove by Franck (Vincent Cassel) to take an invaluable Goya painting. During the heist Simon endures a head injury and stirs with no memory of where he concealed the fine art.

At the point when torment and actual dangers neglect to get through his amnesia, Franck recruits a hypnotic specialist named Elizabeth (Rosario Dawson) to discover the appropriate response.

In any case, as Elizabeth tests the openings of Simon’s psyche, the lines among truth and misleading begin to obscure.

3. Detention

Genre: thriller-comedy

Imdb rating:6.8

Duration: 1hr 43min

Director: john hsu

Cast: gingle wang, tsengchin-hua,meng po fu

Released year:2019

Plot: Detention takes up a painful period in Taiwan’s history which named them white terror they were under martial law for 38 years.

A girl wakes up a school it’s dark and she doesn’t know what’s going on but this will be a dark journey for her then she meets one of her classmates they both try to figure out what’s going on how they both came here?? why is the school so worn and empty why do they feel that they are in deep danger and what in gods name is that strange monster creature??

so how did they manage that monster and who is that why they both are being trapped in that school is the plot of the movie. even though the movie isn’t scary with cheap tricks and jump scares it’s very very dark. to experience this dark psychological thriller please do watch this movie


Genre: Mystery/thriller

Imdb rating:7.8

Duration:1hr 46min

Director: tetsuya nakashima

Cast: yukito nishii,ai hashimoto

Released year:2010

Plot: This movie follows a story of a high school teacher by the name Taguchi sensei and her daughter gets killed by two of her students, two of the students that she take charge .this story is told from a different perspective and its split up into different chapters  by different characters and all these chapters view is put together to find the truth its a simple story but what makes you watch this psychological thriller is its extremely tight screenplay and the attempt of the reverse screenplay so if you are a fan of watching a simple story in different perspective views then this movie is for you enjoy the show

1. The Handmaiden


Imdb rating:8.1

Duration:2hr 48min

image via: amazon

Director: park chan-wook

Cast:kim tae-ri,kim min-hee,ha jung-woo

Released year:2016

Plot: The handmaiden is based on the British novel called finger smith which is written by Sarah Waters, but here it has been reworked to fit the 1930s japan occupied Korea the lowly pickpocket sukhiya played by cue materi enters a plot with a conman to serve as a maid to a rich heiress lady Hiroko to be a friend to her and gain her trust as this conman swoops in and tries to marry her so they can steal her money but the first-twist comes here remember there are a bunch of twists in this movie did this plan worked is the remaining plot.

this is my personal favourite because of the twists it holds till the last moment and the duration of the movie is quite long so if you watch the first one hour then you will be overwhelmed by the twists and it will be n great thriller to watch

So these are best psychological thrillers from my side and if you like this please share this with your friends

And wait for the second part of best psychological thrillers where I get you more amazing movies..

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