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Here are the best 10 Romantic Movies English language which you can watch and enjoy

10:The last summer

Genre: romantic-comedy

Imdb rating:5.8

Duration: 1hr 50min

best romantic movies english

image source: netflix

Director: William bindely

Cast: kj apa,maia Mitchell,tyler posey,halston sage

Released year:2019

OTT platform: Netflix

Plot: secondary school graduates fight with love and friendship in between them during their last summer in school days before getting into college

This movie comes under romantic comedy because of its insane comedy scenes and romantic scenes between them and definitely this movie will be added to your wish list of best romantic movies in English category.

9.The perfect date

Genre: romance-comedy

Imdb rating: 6

Duration: 1hr 50min

Director: chris nelson

image source:

Cast: noah centineo,laura marona,camila mendes

Released year:2019

OTT platform: Netflix

Plot: A higher education student develops an application to project his services as a fake date to earn money and give to college but as in the process he himself falls for a girl and later his plan completely gets complicated. To find out the reason behind his activity please do watch this romantic movie in English

8. The vow

Genre: romance-comedy

Imdb rating: 6.8

Duration: 1hr 44min

Director: Michael sucsy

image source: flickr

Cast: Rachel mcadams,channing tatum,scott speedman,Jessica lange

Released year:2012

OTT platform: youtube

Plot: Before getting into the plot this movie is one of the best romantic movie in English I have watched

 It is based on a real-life couple met with an accident and the lady losses all her memory which makes to forget her husband completely.

With is disability how she managed to remember her husband and to make her remember what her husband did it is remaining plot of this beautiful romantic movies English called the vow.

7.Sleepless in seattle

Adapted from: an affair to remember

Genre: romantic-comedy

Imdb rating: 6.8

Duration: 1hr 46min

Director:  nora ephron

image source: usatoday

Cast: meg ryan,tom hanks,rita Wilson,ross malinger

Released year: 1993

OTT platform: netflix

Plot: Sam Baldwin(tom hanks) moves to Seattle with his son (jonah)after he losses his wife after some days when Jonah gets into a talk radio program in search of a new wife for his father when sam gradually gets into the call to discuss his feelings Annie red(meg Ryan)who is in Baltimore as a reporter, even though she is engaged to someone hearing sam feelings she falls in love with sam then she writes a letter to sam that she has feelings on him and asks him to meet her on valentine’s day at empire state building. After this where this story leads is the remaining plot of this movie. one of the best romantic movies English you watch

6.Dirty dancing

Genre: romance-dance

Imdb rating: 7

Duration:1hr 40 min

Director: emile ardolino

image source: twitter

Cast: Patrick Swayze,Jennifer grey,cynthia rodes,jerry orbach

Released year:1987

OTT platform: Amazon Prime Video

Plot: Jennifer grey(baby) is one drowsy summer off from the peace crops having a hope that she can enjoy her youth living thrillingly but all her summer plans get disappointed as she has been made to stay at sleepy resort with her parents in the Catskill, but her luck takes turn when johnny, resort dance master asks baby to be pair with him for an event during this journey they both falls in love but baby’s father rejects their love and orders baby not to see him next whats happens in this beautiful romantic movies Is the remaining plot

This movie is completely different from all other movies in the genre of romantic movies English why i am saying this will get you once you watch this movie so don’t waste time go and watch


Genre : romance-musical

Imdb rating: 7.2

Duration:1hr 51min

Director: Randal kleiser

image source: flickr

Cast: Olivia newton,john Travolta,stockyard channing, didi conn

Released year:1978

OTT platform:Netflix

Plot: Before getting into the plot this movie is all out friendship,romance, and adventure of a bunch of high school kids if you are expecting thriller kind this is not for you

The plot revolves around the group of high school kids and they live in the 1950’s I can also say this movie as the most enjoyable musical romantic movies in English so without wasting time please do watch in the above mentioned ott platforms

4. The spectacular now


Imdb rating: 7.1

Duration:1hr 40min

Director: james ponsoldt

image source: flickr

Cast: miles teller,shailene Woodley,brie Larson,mary Elizabeth winstead

Featured song: walk in the tress

Released year:2013

OTT platform:Amazon Prime Video

Plot: Sutter who is an party freak meets the introverted Aimee unexpectedly after waking up from a stranger’s lawn. As Sutter deals with his problems in his life the stranger Aimee helps him to come out of his problems and she also plans for her feature after completion of her education in between these stuffs a completely unexpected romance occurs between them and finally where did this romance end up is the remaining story of this romantic movies

3. Five feet apart

Genre :romance-drama

Imdb rating:7.2

Duration:1hr 57min

Director:justin baldoni

image source: flickr

Cast:cole sprouse,haley lu,moises arias,clarie forlani,parminder nagra

Featured song: don’t give up on me

Released year:2019

OTT platform:Netflix

Plot: Stella who is a seventeen-year young girl has a cystic fibrosis patient spends most of the time in hospital, as a result, her life is full of a disciplined pattern with a lot of inner boundaries and self-control but all of these goes to the dustbin when she meets Will, who is also suffering from the same illness

but he is an enthusiastic young guy who always does naughty things and doesn’t care about his problems this shocks Stella and falls in love with him but the problem here is those who have this kind of illness should always maintain a five feet distance after that what happened between them did Will accept her love and how did they manage to overcome that rule is the remaining story of this romantic movie.

2.Remember me

Genre : romance-drama

Imdb rating:7.1

Duration: 2hr 48min

Director: allen coulter

image source: netflix

Cast:Robert pattinson,Emilie de ravin,pierce brosnan,chris cooper,ruby jerins

Featured song:season ki mala peh simroon

Released year:2010

OTT platform: Amazon Prime Video

Plot: Tyler(Robert) has been in a stressed relationship with his father(pierce) on the account of family failure .restless and troubled due to this Tyler feels that no one can understand his pain and feelings at this point in time Tyler meets ally(Emilie) her enthusiasm positive approach and attitude seems to heal from his pain and depression.

But just when Tyler finds the route for his happiness and meaning for his life he gets to know some secrets which collapse their love to find out what it was please do watch this romantic movie in the English language at Hotstar

1.the fault in our stars

Genre: romance-drama

Imdb rating:7.7

Duration: 2hr 13min

Director: josh boone

image sourec: flickr

Cast: shailene Woodley,ansel elgort,john green,natwolf,laura dern,williem Dafoe

Featured song: all of the stars

Released year:2014

OTT platform: hotstar

Plot: Hazel (Shailene Woodley) A 16-Year Young Girl Who Is A Cancer Patient Falls In Love With Gus(Ansel Elgort)

A Similarly Depressed From Her Cancer Support Group After Some Time Hazel realizes that Gus understands her very well they both share the same activities like reading books and playing together and they start spending time together at this time hazel shares the book called ” an imperial affliction which is written by Peter van somehow

Gus gets a meetup invitation by the author Gus also takes hazel to meetup then after what happened and how that author is connected them is the plot of the story

Above mentioned are Top 10 best romantic movies English please check out the other remaining blogs in the recent section where you will find the best movies in thriller genre

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